Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dear M and D

I wish you cared.

Monday, October 12, 2009


I have grown tired of my idleness.Jesus did not ask for a piece of myself but for the whole thing!I was not chosen to merely blend in and live in what is comfortable.what was I thinking when I prayed for a heart like his?? What was I expecting?Now Im sitting here with an anxious heart with no idea what is going on inside me. Why should I be surprised then when this life I now live is leaving me yearning for something else.The day I let him into my soul, he planted something in me that has been growing and has now ran out of room in the life i now lead.After all "faith without deeds is dead"
I ready lord. Im ready to stop talking for a minute and listen to what you want from me. Im ready to start believing in you. Which is the hardest part isn't it?Because to believe in you, is to disbelieve myself.


I love watching you grow.
Each day i swear I can't love you anymore, yet every day my heart seems stretched to a new capacity.
You make me want to try harder.
To be a better person.
To do things right for once.
To change


please don't let me mess this up.