Friday, July 24, 2009


this is my favorite snack and I really really want it right now!
look how green and delicious!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

2 years

Today is Jake and I's 2nd anniversary and officially my longest relationship ever.. HA

Gotta be honest in that to say I still can't believe it sometimes.
There are days when I feel like God just completely replaced my heart when I came back from "my Journey" ... but maybe he did?
I am so different from then though.. and people who have known me from before and now continually tell me ALL the time.
Im not so changed though. I still get restless and compelled to do things that i technically shouldn't be compelled to do.. like give your husband hickies for example. I always thought hickies were trashy but for some reason the other night, it just seemed like the right thing to do. lol SORRY JAKE

Jake and I will be getting two days starting tomorrow evening of ALONE TIME
YES!!! We will be getting sushi and watching "UP" in 3D. Im very excited considering the last time I was at the movies was oh... 10 months ago??!!
and SUSHI! how I love thee...
lately I keep freaking out that Im pregnant again, that the IUD i had placed has somehow ..died I guess. This leaves me with moments of panic. What would I do if another baby came along so soon?? Cry most likely. I hate being pregnant, i need some more fetus free time.

Saturday we leave for Michigan for the week. Time to redo my tan, drink a little, sing a little, laugh A LOT, and get me some. HA
Im rambling about nothing important now. I just feel like I need to spew.. stuff.

oh and Maddi loves trying to kiss babies, its SOOOO CUTE!
but I can't find my camera and Im cramping like CRAZY. Just so you all know.

Friday, July 10, 2009


Work Work Work
Earn Earn Earn
Spend Spend Spend

Thursday, July 9, 2009


lately i've been craving ___ again.
all the time.
but its illegal and "wrong"...
so they say
and too expensive for anything good
but if it was sitting in front of me, i would take it.
and probably watch flight of the concords
or listen to the knife.
or go for a bike ride
or make smores and get it stuck in my hair
or think about how my parents backyard reminds me of florida from a certain angle
then I would probably want a bubble bath, but then regret it once I got in and realized that baths are really boring.
so I would paint my toenails instead
but then decide that I would rather make corn bread so that I could get an "apple bottom"
then remember that it would just go to my hips and look more like a "pear".
"well screw pears!" i would say
but i love corn bread so I would smother it with butter and eat it anyways. All of it.
Then I would talk myself into believing it not too late for me to be on SYTYCD
knowing in my heart that I have the passion and emotions in me to make everyone cry when I danced to one of Mia Michaels dances.

it doesn't matter what I would do if i was ___
because its illegal and "wrong"..
so they say.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

a couple more pics..

ummm delicious??

First day walking

Maddi finally decided to venture out and take her first steps. She hasn't completely mastered it enough to go father than a few feet at a time but she is only 10 months and has plenty of time to practice before her first birthday : )
Zorro is way more interesting than mom

Such concentration!
Oh the excitement! hah